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Gentleman Jack serie tv – Land owner, entrepreneur, traveler, mountaineer – first woman to climb Monte Perdido and Vignemale – also considered “the first modern lesbian” for the freedom with which she openly lived her sentimental choices and because she was the protagonist of the first marriage between two women in the UK history: Anne Lister, born in 1791 in Halifax in New Yorkshire, cradle of the first industrial revolution, was a strong, independent and unconventional personality, best remembered for her diaries, added in 2011 to UNESCO’s Memory of the World program; 7,720 pages for 4 million words, one sixth of which encrypted with a code that mixes algebra and ancient Greek, deciphered only in the 1930s.

Gentleman Jack tv series: the teaser trailer

An extraordinary life, public and private, now told for the first time in a series of events, “Gentleman Jack – Nobody ever said no to me”, co-produced by BBC One and HBO, critically acclaimed and followed by 6 million British, aired exclusively for Italy on laF from Friday 26 March at 21.10.

The BAFTA award-winning actress gave Anne Lister her face Suranne Jones with an interpretation much appreciated for the ability to fully highlight the personality of the Lister, from the passion for life to the nose for business, passing through the challenges against the expectations of the society of the time on women and how she lived freely also her sexuality, which is why someone nicknamed her “Gentleman Jack”.

Set in 1832 in Halifax and based on her original journals, the protagonist intends to strengthen her business, revitalize the historic estate inherited from her uncle, Shibden Hall, through the reopening of the coal mines, and the search for a good marriage. Anne, who dresses in black from head to toe and has made her way into society through her resolve and charisma, has no intention of marrying a man, but is determined to stay true to her nature by taking the hand of the wealthy. and charming heiress Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle).

“Gentleman Jack – Nobody’s Ever Said Me No,” whose second season has already been confirmed, begins with the protagonist returning to Shibden Hall after years of exotic travels and secret romantic relationships with other women. Eager to leave as soon as possible for her next adventure, Anne hopes to soon get rid of her responsibilities and the relatives she can’t stand: her jealous sister Marian (Gemma Whelan), her sick aunt Anne (Gemma Jones) and her lackluster father Jeremy ( Timothy West). After a chance encounter with the innocent and shy Ann Walker, he decides to give up his travels to woo her.

“Anne Lister is a boon to any playwright. She is one of the most exciting, passionate and brilliant female characters in British history “ underlines BAFTA-winning screenwriter Sally Wainwright, who also wanted to add nuances of humor and irony to the story, supported by directorial choices such as the use of her voiceover and open confessions to the camera. Before making the first TV series on Anne Lister, the BBC had aired the film “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” and the documentary “Revealing Anne Lister” in 2010.

“Gentleman Jack – Nobody’s Ever Told Me No”, shot around West Yorkshire and Copenhagen, is directed by Sally Wainwright, Sarah Harding and Jennifer Perrott and is produced by Lookout Point for HBO and BBC One. The appointment with “Gentleman Jack – No one ever said no to me”, 8 episodes of 60 minutes each, is starting from Friday 26 March until Friday 16 April exclusively on laF for the “Classics on TV” cycle.

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