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Life by Carlo Amazon Prime Video – The teaser trailer of the Amazon Original Vita da Carlo series has been unveiled, produced by Filmauro di Aurelio and Luigi De Laurentiis and available on Prime Video in 2021. The first four episodes of the series will be premiered as a Special Event at the Rome Film Fest .

The series consists of 10 episodes of 30 minutes and stars in addition to Carlo Verdone, Max Tortora, Anita Caprioli, Monica Guerritore, Antonio Bannò, Caterina De Angelis, Filippo Contri, Giada Benedetti, Maria Paiato, Claudia Potenza, Andrea Pennacchi.

Life as a Carlo Amazon Prime Video: the teaser trailer

Carlo’s public image is that of a generous and always available man. To those who ask him for selfies on the street, autographs at autographs, Carlo never denies himself. The price of this constant limelight is an extremely frugal private life, marked by always the same rhythms, almost like a prison. Or a comedy.

Life as a Carlo is the comedy series in 10 episodes in which Verdone plays Carlo, revealing for the first time his most intimate sphere, made up of a small circle of acquaintances, one more bizarre than the other. There is also love, that for a pharmacist, which blossomed – coincidentally – in a place very dear to him: the neighborhood pharmacy. But when the proposal to run for Mayor of Rome arrives, Carlo’s life will have even more comical and unpredictable implications.

Vita da Carlo will join the thousands of series and films already in the Prime Video catalog, including the Italian productions Amazon Original Dinner Club, LOL: Who laughs is out, Ferro and Celebrity Hunted – Caccia all’uomo S1 and S2; the award-winning series Fleabag and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and blockbusters such as Jack Ryan, The Boys, Borat, The Prince Seeks a Child, Without Remorse, Good Omens and Carnival Row, as well as licensed content. Other Amazon Original series of Italian production already announced are All or Nothing: Juventus, The Ferragnez – La serie, Bang Bang Baby, The Bad Guy, Everybody Loves Diamonds and Prisma.

credit image by Press Office – Photo by Riccardo Ghilardi

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