Boucheron High Jewelery A History of Style: the opulent and elegant style of Art Déco

Boucheron High Jewelery A History of Style – This is the evocative name of the High Jewelery collections, which find inspiration from the archives of the Maison Boucheron to revive them through the creative eye of Claire Choisne. His unmistakable style offers timeless creations.

Claire Choisne, Creative Director, this year immersed herself in the vast archives of the Maison Boucheron dedicated toArt Deco. She extrapolated the spirit, the line, the absolute simplicity of a time when Parisian women affirmed their femininity wearing masculine clothes, showing off necklines, high-waisted trousers, long necklaces and short hair. An era of extravagance, in which style was a question of attitude.

Boucheron High Jewelery A History of Style: the video

As a perfect echo for today’s women and men, Claire Choisne has chosen to celebrate the spirit of couture and the antagonisms of the Roaring Twenties, focusing on the feminine and the masculine, the opulence of pure lines, the contrast between black and white. , accentuated by a touch of color. Boucheron’s savoir-faire in jewelry creation, applied to flapper necklaces and woven ribbon bracelets, gives life to multi-wear pieces with a genuinely contemporary taste.

With its countless collections of High Jewelery for women and men, A History of Style, Art Déco is a statement of
freedom and style.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Emerald Tie

A piece of jewelry just like a tie. An echo of the couture of those years of emancipation, in which women affirmed their style by wearing accessories stolen from men’s wardrobes. White gold necklace, soft and delicate like silk, on which rests a removable brooch; black lacquer and onyx give delicate accents, highlighting an 8.02 carat emerald.

The contrast between materials and colors is enhanced by the countless possibilities of use of this jewel, to be worn as a tie or necklace, as a pendant. You can even detach the emerald heart to make it a necklace jewel or a brooch on a masculine look.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Diamond Ribbon

This braid of white gold, on which round and baguette diamonds are placed, is much more than a jewel. It is the perfect genderless accessory. With its chevron pattern, a true Art Deco icon, its line can be worn as much as a men’s belt over a tuxedo, as a women’s headband or collar, or even as a pair of genderless bracelets. The options for wearing this jewel in the most contemporary ways are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Noeud Diamonds

While bow ties were used as exquisitely baroque ornaments in the history of High Jewelery, here is a pure version, embellished by the contrast between black and white. The creative eye of Claire Choisne has made a brooch in black lacquer and white gold, embellished with a diamond base, which can be pinned on a black dress or on a hairstyle to enhance. It can also be used as a bow tie on a men’s suit. And finally, a ring, faithful to Boucheron’s multiwear tradition: a 1.50 carat solitaire, with a black border, or a couture bow tie ring.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Diamond border

The black border expresses all the strength of a very simple black line: the 5.27-carat pear-cut diamond drop does not need anything else to create an exquisitely modern piece. Just as a woven headband would enhance a garment, this piece expresses the unmistakable Boucheron twist on a High Jewelery classic.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Plastron Emeraudes

A necklace like a cuirass? This eye-catching plastron is inspired by the Boucheron necklaces created for the Maharaja of Patiala and is made with 220 emerald pearls, for a total of 1071.97 carats. Its opulence recalls the time when men wore fine jewelry as a sign of power and glory. Pure strength that allies itself with the delicacy of emeralds: this is what Claire Choisne offers women. In the tradition of Boucheron multiwear, this stunning necklace is able to transform into a choker and a bracelet; its design is available as a graphic ring and two different pairs of earrings.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Emerald Button

Ring in white gold and platinum, embellished with diamonds and made with a 7.43-carat cushion-cut Muzo emerald, almost like a button on a finger. This ring is extravagant but with discretion, thanks to its soft curve, the purity of the lines and the colors loved by Claire Choisne: black, white and green. It is the finishing touch to admire, just as perfect as a button on an item of clothing.

Boucheron High Jewelery A History of Style: Chevron Emeraude

A necklace so flexible that it is able to follow every movement, almost like a fabric that adapts to a silhouette. Recalling the chevron motif very dear to Boucheron in the 1920s, Claire Choisne imagined a chain in soft white gold on a diamond pavé, ending in a 61.35-carat drop of emerald. The boldness of this piece lies in its clasp which transforms it into an ornament, being a jewel in itself and a sliding clasp, which allows you to adjust the chain to the perfect length.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Col Emeraudes

With its pure design, this necklace follows the sharp line of a V-neckline and tells us so much about the modernity of Art Deco and the unmistakable peculiarities of Boucheron. Its extreme design wants to be very daring, placing 28 emeralds horizontally, for a total
of 24.59 carats. The emerald-cut stones, carved into the crystal and lined with onyx, recall the shape of Place Vendôme, but also the chromatic elegance that Claire Choisne wishes to give to her collection with intense green, bright white and graphic black. The same line is found in a ring and in a pair of leverback earrings, which recall the cobblestone motif of the Parisian square.

Boucheron Alta Gioielleria A History of Style: Chevaliere Emeraude

A conqueror? He must certainly be bold and confident. For men or women, this signet ring matches the powerful octagonal design of Place Vendôme, with the precision of its pebbles. A luminous 4.43-carat Muzo emerald stands on round and baguette diamonds, surrounded by a black border, and is set on a quartz setting. Just like wearing a Parisian coat of arms on your finger.

Boucheron High Jewelery A History of Style: Lavalliere Diamants

A necklace like a tie. Pure and opulent lines that dictate a specific style, just as a detail can determine an entire look. This piece crafted in diamonds, onyx, black lacquer and white gold is reminiscent of the mythical emancipated girls who took in
I borrow fashionable items from the male wardrobe, to affirm a new femininity. Here is a tie, reproduced in one movement
frozen, as a necklace studded with diamonds and decorated with three braids embellished with large black lacquer rings. Claire Choisne proposes to play with this piece that can be worn in three different ways, by women or by men, with or without a tie. As a necklace, collar or tie clip, accompanied by matching rings and a ring in onyx, diamonds and black lacquer on white gold.

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