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BroArt rings, the Jewelery and Gemstone Boutique Lab, specializing in microscope setting and ornamental engraving, presents Angela, a series of exclusive rings, made of metals and precious stones and completely customizable. Angela rings, in fact, find inspiration in love, in any form, from self-love to love for the beloved half, for a parent, a child or an extraordinary friendship.

Through a dedicated platform, available on the Broart website, it is possible to customize your ring, starting from the materials, silver or gold, to the nuances of colors, white, yellow or pink, up to the choice of names or letters only, symbols and precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies, all certified and of the highest quality.

Once the preferred details have been defined, at the time of purchase on the online shop, the customer can take advantage of the advanced 3D configurator, which allows you to preview the finished product. BroArt, which has always focused on customer service and details, also offers refined dedicated packaging, a clearly re-usable box in delicate pastel colors and created in collaboration with Controversa and Illustrator Alice Pasinetti.

All BroArt products are marked, in addition to the code of the materials used, by the company’s own signature, 1945MI, which thus guarantees authenticity and reliability, added values ​​for a memorable gift.

BroArt is a company born in Milan in 2005 from an idea of ​​Giuseppe Brocca, a setter of precious stones for three generations. Specialized in the creation of high-end jewels, it provides services of setting, hand and machine engraving, threading of pearls and semi-hard and semi-hard stones.

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