Buccellati jewels 100 years |  A century of timeless beauty

Buccellati jewels 100 years – Buccellati presents the new book dedicated to the 100-year history of the prestigious Maison of high jewelery and silverware, founded by Mario Buccellati in 1919, now in the fourth generation of a family dedicated to creating timeless jewels and silverware, inspired by the great tradition of the Renaissance Italian.

A century of timeless beauty is the first “historical” book of the Maison, in which the salient moments of the company and its birth in Milan in the early 1900s are retraced, years in which the Italian creative and entrepreneurial energies found their cradle. A large and refined book, published by Assouline, edited by Alba Cappellieri, with the contributions of Andrea Buccellati, Vivienne Becker and Franco Cologni, which tells of the deep bond of the Maison with Milan, the birthplace and elective city of Buccellati, which has been and continues to be a capital of creativity and innovation, all characteristics that are part of the Maison’s DNA.

That of the Buccellati is a beautiful Italian story, or rather, a Milanese one, a story that symbolizes Milan’s creativity, craftsmanship, traditions, the spirit of adventure and innovation, the centrality of the family between affection and business. Alba Cappellieri

Thanks to the archival material, Buccellati presents magnificent jewels and silverware from the past that have been worn by princesses and actresses from all over the world, who have appreciated the quality and the great care of the workmanship. And again, thanks to the precious archive material, the curator was able to reconstruct the great cultural affinity and friendship between Mario Buccellati and the great poet and writer Gabriele d’Annunzio.

A relationship so close and permeating as to give impetus to the creation of the inimitable Buccellati style, still present today in every jewel of the Maison, even in the “Umbilicals” necklaces, so called by the poet.

“This book is a testimony of the work of our family, of the passion for culture, the love for everything that represents beauty” declared Maria Cristina Buccellati. “The love and respect for the artisan values ​​that we try to convey through each Buccellati creation.”

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