Dynamic, the ski brand, has a second life


Traces of ski manufacturer Dynamic had been lost within the Amer Sports group, which owns a dozen equipment brands, including Salomon and Atomic. When the Finnish group finally decided to split from its small French entity, it found few candidates. It was Ingrid Menet who proved to be the most motivated. In search of a nugget and a new life, the young woman in her fifties has set her sights on Dynamic. Since 2018, she is the new owner of these legendary boards on which Jean-Claude Killy won three gold medals.

Born in the North, former member of the Auchan group and ex-director of a hypermarket with 300 employees, she did not grow up with her feet in the snow but with her eyes on the mountains. “I didn’t see myself ending up in a big area,” she assures A confirmed alpinist, she plans to climb all the peaks over 8,000 meters. The 2015 earthquake in Nepal interrupts one of their attempts. He moved to Haute-Savoie, created an acquisition file and a round table to take over Dynamic. The headquarters of the new company, its offices and its small team moved to the old estate where Ingrid Menet lives, 40 kilometers from La Clusaz. It is from here that he imagines the relaunch of the French brand founded in 1931, around an invention: a dynamometer developed to measure the flexibility of fiberglass and resin plates.

The graphics of a cult range

Its skis are in the memory of all experienced skiers “45 years and over”. Ingrid Menet will occupy the graphics of the 1980s. Dynamic’s VR range has remained cult. The new boss will give him a new life. Their boards must find their place in an already rich offering thanks to their performance. At more than 1,000 euros a pair, they are at the top of the range. After two years of work, the equipment manufacturer is ready to return. A small Italian family business, run by a father and his son, is in charge of manufacturing while waiting for the volumes to allow the installation of a workshop in France. The start of commercialization will face the prolonged closure of stations due to the pandemic. For the 2021-2022 season, Ingrid Menet is ready. The 300 shops to which he has personally introduced his skis, the professionals who attend specialist mountain equipment shows and the specialist mountain press welcome the return of Dynamic. The brand also has an agreement with the French Ski School, of which it becomes a supplier. “When I equip a monitor, it will talk about my skis on the chairlift,” she wants to believe

When I equip an instructor, he will talk to me about my skis on the chairlift

Almost sold out this year, Dynamic has just started its campaign for next winter and Ingrid Menet her tour of the ski shops, always flanked by Lol, her Australian Shepherd. The international is already in the visor of the entrepreneur. In the United States, Japan, Italy or Switzerland, Dynamic still has followers. The brand should also offer more affordable models to reach young people. Ingrid Menet knows that financial partners are needed to reach this new height.

Source : Le JDD

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