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A burglary, an exploding hot water tank, a storm that washes away the pool… these are all incidents that can cost you very quickly! Renter or owner, everyone is worried. Faced with the inconveniences associated with an accident, taking out home insurance is the solution, both for a main residence and for a second residence. With Allianz, multi-risk home insurance (MRH) suits all needs.

Home Insurance: How Does It Work?

Taking out home insurance, also called multi-risk home insurance, allows you to be covered in the event of a problem.

It covers the home and its outbuildings (garage, cellar, etc.), but also movable property (jewelry) and special equipment (technology, swimming pool, musical instruments, etc.). It also refers to civil liability and therefore allows for financial reparation of damages caused to others by oneself or dependents, such as children.

Multi-risk home insurance identifies both problems related to the elements (fire, storm, snow, hail, water damage, natural disasters, etc.), as well as other types of incidents such as attacks or even theft and vandalism .

Home insurance policies are flexible. Depending on your needs, you can choose to add specific guarantees such as school insurance or travel assistance.

Who is insured?

A tenant is responsible for what happens in the home while he occupies it. Therefore, it must be insured with renter’s home insurance. However, this does not cover damage to personal property or liability, so it is advisable to opt for multi-risk home insurance, which will offer more comprehensive coverage.

A homeowner is not required to purchase home insurance. But if your accommodation is in a condominium, you may be required to do so if it is part of the settlement (particularly for damage to common areas). Even without being part of a condominium, it is highly recommended that you take out insurance, to avoid having to pay the cost of repairs yourself if a problem occurs. The same goes for second residences: whether the accommodation is occupied or not, the logic remains the same. In addition, a sparsely occupied second home may even attract thieves more easily.

Source : Le JDD

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