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Ramzy Bedia on JDD: ‘I was a nerd for seven or eight years’


In Youssef Salem succeedsBaya Kasmi’s second hit (I’m yours right now), Ramzy Bedia plays a writer. That’s fine, the actor is a taste reader for sure. He will quote during the interview Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Franz Kafka, John Fante, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver or John Kennedy Toole and his conjuration of fools, thanks to which he discovered the virtues of literature in very special circumstances. They are even worthy of an episode Hthe Canal + sitcom where a bunk idiot camped from 1998 to 2002 with Éric Judor and Jamel Debbouze.

When I come home, I’m always Ramzy who is 12 and a half years old

The young Ramzy, then forced into military service, had pretended to work as a hatter in the hope of being discharged. His performance had been more than convincing, to the point of bringing that of his disturbed character and being forced, after eleven days in the infirmary, to enter a psychiatric hospital. “I was locked up for three monthskeep on. It really was like one flight over the cuckoo’s nest. If you changed the channel during Numbers and Letters, you could take a picture of schlass. I chose the thickest book in the library and locked myself in my room.Also Read: Kristin Scott Thomas Free in “The Cyclades”

Unlike John Kennedy Toole (1937-1969), who committed suicide eleven years before the publication of his masterpiece, the writer of the cheerful comedy of Baya Kasmi was successful from his first novel . A soon-to-be self-fiction for the Goncourts but which warms their brothers and the content of which they try to hide from their parents. The character is no stranger to the actor, as he too has the feeling of leading a double life. “Outside, I’m the comedian who we bring coffees and gifts to, which is very nice, but when I get home I’m still the 12-and-a-half-year-old Ramzy. They slap me and say, “Go do the dishes!” »

I was a nerd for seven or eight years

As a result of this notoriety, which he says he did not seek even after his meeting with Éric Judor, he remained on the sidelines. The money he had never dared to touch, the look of the girls until then untouchable.

A Porsche convertible against a scooter

Success quickly goes to your head. “I was a nerd for seven or eight yearsadmit Until one day I stopped at a red light and saw myself in a shop window with my Porsche convertible and my gold Rolex. I sold the car the same day and bought a scooter. » Fame has its obvious advantages, which Ramzy Bedia measures when he is abroad, where no one knows him. Attentions are rarer; the less common courtesy and kindness. He also has his drawbacks, which his seven sisters and three daughters sometimes suffer from.

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“What can be boring for them is the perception of othersexplain. When my daughters were younger, I saw them cry because they felt their friends were saying they were friends with them just because I was famous. They no longer knew who to trust. » Jealousy and stupidity, as we know, are defects which notoriety tends to aggravate. This is the reason why the actor has done everything possible to ensure that his younger sister, Melha Bedia, does not follow in his footsteps. “I wanted to protect her. I didn’t want her to be damaged and reduced to ‘the sister of.’ Melha also plays her character’s sister Youssef Salem succeeds. Their fights full of complicity are a lot of fun. “We have the same relationship in life”Ramzy smiles.

Youssef Salema of success ***

By Baya Kasmi, with Ramzy Bedia, Noémie Lvovsky. 1:37 am Departure Wednesday.

Youssef Salem, 45, finds unexpected success with his first novel inspired by his youth and his family. He tries to hide its content from his family. Good surprise that this comedy, the most successful of this beginning of the year, that seduces with its intelligence and its writing qualities. Through the evasions of her immature writer, Baya Kasmi offers a relevant reflection on the sometimes conflicting relationship between notoriety and family roots, mocking in passing, but benevolently, the hypocrisy they arouse. The secondary roles, well drawn and fleshed out – Noémie Lvovsky has a field day as an editor in love – accompany a Ramzy Bedia that is as touching as it is funny.

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