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By Todd Field, with Cate Blanchett, Noémie Merlant, Nina Hoss. 2h38

Tar Trailer VO

Elegant, powerful if not virile, often funny and willfully authoritarian, Lydia Tár lives between New York and Berlin. The conductor only steps off her private jet to attend ultra-popular master classes and symphony concerts acclaimed by audiences as passionate as they are inevitably amazed by her mastery. His devoted assistant, herself an up-and-coming chef (Noémie Merlant), discovers disturbing facts about her mentor. Soon overtaken by a women’s MeToo scandal that we don’t really know if it’s founded or not, Tár doesn’t waver. From the first minutes, the viewer is swept away in a whirlwind: the life at a hundred miles per hour of a character embodied with crazy tests by Cate Blanchett, already awarded a Golden Globe for this composition with a line . Needless to say, the tall, sure-footed blonde feeds her plenty of tasty details, from the inflections of her voice to her facial expressions and lighter moods. In her glory, did the virtuoso imagine one day falling from so high? One thing is certain: from beginning to end, the scene of this change captivates the viewer without ever getting lost (despite the length of the story, 2h38). With Blanchett at the helm, it is undoubtedly the cinema that rules. A.C

The Asada Family ***

By Ryota Nakano, with Kazunari Ninomiya and Satoshi Tsumabuki. 2:07

The Asada Family
The Asada Family Trailer VO

In Japan, Masashi grew up with parents and an older brother who encouraged him in his vocation to become a photographer. He has the idea to put his family in quite unexpected situations. It begins in a fire station, his father’s absolute dream… Inspired by true events, this bittersweet comedy draws its strength from its gallery of colorful characters and the values ​​it conveys such as family and solidarity. All while addressing the most difficult issue of resilience after the tsunami of 2011. A chronicle that touches the heart with its depth and humanity, with one of the best endings of the year. SB

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Ashkal, the survey of Tunis ***

By Youssef Chebbi, with Fatma Oussaifi, Mohamed Houcine Grayaa. 1h32

Ashkal, the survey of Tunis
Ashkal, the investigation of Tunis Trailer VO

Two policemen discover a charred body in a Tunis neighborhood whose construction has been blocked by the revolution. Murder or suicide? A second body is soon reported. Mentioned in the Directors’ Fortnight, awarded at Cinemed de Montpellier, this fascinating thriller reveals a talented director whose approach and assertive style stand out in the Tunisian landscape, unfamiliar with genre cinema. The investigation, against a background of police corruption linked to the abuses committed by the Ben Ali regime, moves towards fantasy to give a metaphorical, even mystical dimension to a political narrative that deftly exploits its environment and captivates with its disturbing strangeness. . Bap.T.

Help ***

By Jean-François Richet, with Gerard Butler and Mike Colter. 1h47


Brodie, an experienced airline pilot, operates a night flight between Singapore and Tokyo. Unfortunately, he suffers a terrible storm that forces him to land on an isolated island in the Philippines controlled by a terrorist group… French director Jean-François Richet is back in great form, in his element with this disaster film air that turns into survival in the hostile jungle, with a fired-up Gerard Butler as the captain who reveals some very special abilities. A direct, radical and tough staging for a thriller under high tension. SB

Entertainment **

By Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, with Oulaya Amamra, Lina El Arabi. 1h50

Fun Trailer VF

At 17, Zahia Ziouani dreams of being a director. She lives in Stains, in Seine-Saint-Denis, and is accepted into a Parisian high school. Faced with prejudices and with the desire to make symphonic music accessible to as many people as possible, he decided to create his own orchestra: Divertimento. The true story of this artist who never stops fighting to convey her passion is a great lesson in courage, open-mindedness and tolerance. Backed by Lina El Arabi and real musicians from the orchestra, the boisterous Oulaya Amamra expands her role as an actress and leads her little world with convincing tenacity and precision. BT

Back to Seoul **

By Davy Chou, with Park Ji-min and Louis-Do De Lencquesaing. 1h59

Return to Seoul
Back to Seoul Trailer VO

Freddie, 25 years old, a French national but born in South Korea, arrives for two weeks in Seoul in the hope of finding his biological parents. He doesn’t speak the language but he has a friend who will accompany him in his search for his origins… We can only be touched by this melodrama that deals with abandonment, adoption, identity and roots, through the psychological portrait of a heroine. in the wandering and in the construction, which nevertheless keeps the distance with its unpredictable temperament, raw and with pain. Accented by actress Park Ji-min’s closed face. SB

No dogs and Italians **

Prohibited to dogs and Italians
No dogs and Italians Trailer VF

By Alain Ughetto. 1h10

Descendant of Piedmontese farmers, Alain Ughetto recounts the epic story of his family that arrived in France at the beginning of the 20th century. A tinkerer at heart, this stop-motion animation filmmaker has designed a tribe of plasticine characters and devilishly poetic decorations for the occasion, made of cardboard, vegetables and bits of coal… Borrowing from nostalgia and humor tender, the story unfolds through the voices of grandmother Cesira (Ariane Ascaride) and her grandson (the director himself). Awarded at the Annecy Animation Film Festival, this short film – not particularly aimed at young children who will still be able to savor its visual magic – surprises with its originality and the precision of its richly illustrated research, highlighting the courage and resistance. of emigrants swept up in the great history. Al.C.

Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon**

By David Alaux, Eric and Jean-Francois Tosti. 1h36

Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon
Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon Trailer VF

In Yolcos, Pattie, a little mouse, wants to have an adventure like her hero, Jason, who brought the Golden Fleece to the ancient Greek port city. When a statue with the effigy of Zeus is discovered, Poseidon, jealous, unleashes his anger and threatens the city with a cataclysm… Accessible from the age of 6, this initiatory story from the French animation studio TAT , located in Toulouse. , revisits mythology with remarkable visual ambition. Despite a somewhat scattered setting, this original film that invites you to chase your dreams gives a privileged place to the fantastic bestiary (cyclops, hydra, kraken), while balancing entertainment and education. Nice discovery. SB

A small miracle **

By Sophie Boudre, with Alice Pol, Jonathan Zaccaï and Eddy Mitchell. 1h32

A small miracle
A small miracle Trailer VF

In a small town, Juliette teaches a unique class. When the school is set on fire, she is forced to move in with her students in an empty room at the local EHPAD, much to the chagrin of her principal… between young and old she seems frail and stitched with white thread But it works, thanks to the spontaneity of the actors of all ages, led by Alice Pol, overflowing with energy and freshness, the benevolence of the story, more touching than expected, and the touching interaction between children and adults. SB


By Jean-Luc Herbulot, with Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily J. 1h24.

Saloum Trailer VF

The Hyenas of Bangui, a trio of mercenaries, infiltrate a Colombian drug lord during a coup in Guinea Bissau. They find shelter in a holiday camp in Sine-Saloum, Senegal. Between Western, action and fantasy cinema, this B-series that drinks from local folklore assumes itself as such, mixing genres with obvious and communicative pleasure. With a clean aesthetic, sometimes clumsy in its writing and acting, it entertains for a while but ends up taking itself too seriously. The gesture is still worth watching.Bap.T.

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