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Protagonists of the cinema since the first appearance in “Shanghai Express”, a classic from 1932, Hamilton watches have played a role in over 500 films and TV series. Sharing similar values ​​such as authenticity and innovation is the inspiration for the new collaboration with Janie Bryant, which transformed three of Hamilton’s iconic American Classic models into lively examples capable of exalting all his craftsmanship.

Each watch is designed to celebrate the origins of its history with a contemporary twist and is available in two new versions, one for today and one for tomorrow.

Noted for creating the costumes for “Mad Men,” “Deadwood” e “Why Women Kill”, Janie Bryant is a very talented costume designer capable of transporting the audience beyond the screen thanks to her creations. With an extraordinary attention to detail and a great love for research, he manages to give authenticity to the characters by bringing the past back to life, in the present.

Hamilton Janie Bryant watches: the capsule collection

“In the movies, even before the dialogue begins, we rely on fashion to set the setting for the story and the personalities of the characters,” explains Janie. “This capsule collection re-proposes this dynamic expression in the real world, with timepieces that rethink the relationship between past, present and future”.

Janie expresses the immediate evolution of selected watches with delicate colors, soft materials and warm tones. To give today’s watches a hint of Hollywood glamor the details with diamonds, the light yellow gold PVD coating and the powder pink leather take care of it. And to compose a whole that is both accessible and authentic, we find more discreet elements, such as round shapes and subtle gradations. With a refined style for the everyday, the character of each watch has a story to tell.

Janie confers on the sports model Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph a more delicate appearance, combining its more practical chronograph functions with beige gold PVD coated hands and a soft pink leather strap. This 1968-inspired timepiece is ready to race on the track or on the streets around town as part of your new look.

Presented in 1937, Ardmore Quartz shows a versatile and art deco approach, sublimated for today thanks to neutral colors and fascinating textures. The silver-white opaline dial is the perfect crowning of the case and dial details in a very delicate light yellow gold. Combined with an off-white alligator-print leather strap, the Ardmore Quartz adapts to your every day day.

With a Lady Hamilton Vintage Quartz on the wrist there is no risk of staying in the shadows, thanks to the brilliance of the diamonds that stand out on the brushed black dial with a soleil finish. Here, Janie counterbalances the watch’s innate vintage charm with a touch of sparkle (the design of the 1950s original was inspired by early 20th century pocket watches). A dark plum colored case gives the watch an intriguing, unique and refined personality.

If Janie Bryant interprets the present in a key of discreet balance, tomorrow shines with a thousand lights. Metallic leather straps, velvety textures and cool colors transport historic designs straight into the future. Straight lines and neutral tones counterbalance the luxurious feel, giving each piece modern practicality that keeps daydreams alive. With elements drawn from all times, these beautiful watches are ready to discover their destiny.

With a sparkling gold-colored leather strap, paired with brilliant gold counters, the Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph is a ray of light just waiting to guide us further. Standing out against the black dial, the metallic colors celebrate Hamilton’s achievements and continued commitment to innovation.

Janie shines the Ardmore Quartz in dazzling light with a metallic silver leather strap. A shiny and classic silver case and dial are offered as a counterpart to the eye-catching luster, for a model that is fascinating and at the same time ingenious and playful.

The juxtaposition of light and dark offers a seductive depth to the delicacy of the Lady Hamilton Vintage Quartz. Illuminate the unknown with a silver sunray dial on your wrist enriched with yellow gold spheres. A chain bracelet with black PVD coating completes the central part of the model, where shadows reign, finding once again a selected combination of pragmatism and style, for day and night.

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