When embarking on a long trip you need to guarantee your vehicle is safe for the roads. If you are hiring a car, the corporate will normally check these things for you but it’s good to know learn how to check for vital things once you set off on each part of the journey.


Not only does having flat tyres affect fuel consumption but it also is harmful and may be illegal. Make sure you check your tyre pressure, you can use a gauge at fuel stations if you shouldn’t have your own. Your tread also must be the legal requirement. This must be a minimum of 1.6mm throughout the entire circumference of the tyre. You can buy tools to check things resembling this or you’ll be able to always ask at a local garage, as they’re normally willing to help. Keep in mind to check your spare tyre as well.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is one other very important thing to check. Typically a automobile could be burning lots of oil without you even realising. Each fortnight, or earlier than going on an extended journey, ensure you check the oil using the dipstick. Should you appear to be utilizing a number of oil then this can indicate a bigger problem with the engine.


Keep an eye on the coolant level in your vehicle and top up when necessary. This should only be accomplished when the engine is cold though, so don’t rush to do it as soon as you arrive residence, particularly after a long journey. You should also ensure there’s the correct concentration of antifreeze in your coolant through the winter months. In the event you’re taking a hire car on a trip to a colder place then let the rental firm know in advance.

Wipers and screen wash

Wiper blades can wear down very quickly, particularly in drastic changes of weather. Check these usually, it’s likely they will want replacing at the very least once a year. If you have a hire automobile, check the wipers and screen wash earlier than you allow to make sure they are safe.

It is required by law that your wiper blades and screen wash system are working correctly.


It’s a on condition that your lights have to be checked regularly. Make sure you don’t overlook to check brake lights, fog lights and your reverse light. Again, automotive rental corporations will check these for you earlier than you acquire the vehicle.

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