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Luna Park Netflix is the new original Italian series, produced by Fandango, which debuts today on the streaming platform. Mystery and family intertwining. These are the main themes of Luna Park.

Luna Park Netflix: il teaser trailer

In the Rome of the 60s, against the backdrop of the Dolce Vita, the encounter between a young carousel and a girl from Roma bene brings two families, at the antipodes of each other, to look back to clarify their future. In the Luna Park the destinies of different generations alternate and intertwine, in a path made of intrigues and secrets but also of new and unexpected loves.

In the foreground the story of Nora, a young carousel, and of Rosa, a girl from Rome who, thanks to a meeting desired by destiny, will discover that they are sisters. In a succession of intrigues and mysteries to be revealed, they will try to shed light on why, still in their infancy, they were separated and destined to live two lives completely at the antipodes, extraneous to the strong bond that instead united them.

The series, in 6 episodes, is created and written by Isabella Aguilar and features Leonardo D’Agostini and Anna Negri behind the camera.

The official trailer

The Marini family, of which Nora belongs, played by Simona Tabasco sees Tommaso Ragno in the role of her father Antonio, Milvia Marigliano in that of her grandmother Miranda. Mario Sgueglia is his uncle Ettore and Ludovica Martino, his mother Stella.

The Gabrielli family is made up of Lia Grieco, who debuts in a TV series in the role of Rosa, Guglielmo Poggi, in the role of her brother Giggi, Paolo Calabresi, in the role of Tullio, father of Rosa and Giggi, and Fabrizia Sacchi in those of mother Lucia.

The events of the Marini and Gabrielli families are intertwined with those of the Baldi, a family composed of Lando, played by Michele Bevilacqua, Doriana, who has the face of Lorenza Indovina, and their 2 children, Matteo played by Edoardo Coen and Simone by Alessio Lapice.

In the cast also Giulio Corso, in the role of Sandro Ralli, Matteo Olivetti in that of Celeste while Alessandra Carrillo is Tina, Celeste’s mother. Gianfranco Gallo, plays Fausto Minnella, Davide Valle, in his debut, in the role of Cesare Grotta, Roberto Evangelista in that of Canio Grotta, Cesare’s cousin, Giulia Ricciardi in the role of Elvira; Lidia Vitale is Dominici, Sandro Ralli’s agent while Ilaria Loriga is Gioia.

credit image by Press Office – photo by Andrea Miconi/Netflix © 2021

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