Breathes there a woman who has not raised children who will claim the word “NO” was not a reason for rebellion in sons more than daughters? I am me. Paula is Paula, and she’ll do or say whatever she wants to – just as you will. When I say don’t poke the bear, it has nothing to do with morals. Shannon, נערות ליווי בתל אביב surely you cannot read comments directed at me and נערות ליווי במרכז say they are criticizing my opinions and not attacking me. You can not possibly expect to publish screaming delusional hatred and expect complimentary comments. Even my youngest child can understand that concept. And even in the conversation there was no mention of doing anything against their will. If that doesnt tell you something, nothing will. They want to find something, anything, to further attack him. You people have a hard time distinguishing what is a personal attack. And this clique of so called Christian right wingers gets away with it all the time.

Have I called you a liar? Some day, someone can compare it to my “you have no credibility with me, either” 90 day ban, and wonder at the discrimination. Because we know we can. She says she hasn’t had sex with him and although that doesn’t mean she isn’t aroused by the thought there is no way for you to know that she is. It’s impossible for us to know if Leslie is actually aroused by the idea of the criminal committing a murder. It’s not that hard a question. Hope hicks lawyer objected to every question. Omg, is there hope for HP moderators after all? Or is it ok for her, while others get a 90 day ban? I had lots of followers until one day I wrote a fairly innocuous non-fiction political opinion piece. That’s my opinion of what she’ll probably do. No, it was excessive threads about Israel, and my opinion on it.

But just because the two of you don’t get along, that doesn’t mean that I have to choose sides, assuming I felt the need to do so in the first place. I guess the hub has been changed to comments need to be approved first before they show up? Can we filter comments somehow now? I can edit within that time frame? No. In fact, last time someone asked me if my husband was in jail (because that was apparently a rumor going around), he was sitting right beside me. She’s an utter waste of my precious time and brain power. If you go on challenging people the way that you do, twisting their words in the process, people will either push back or ignore you completely. Should you adored this short article and also you want to get more info regarding נערות ליווי בתל אביב נערות ליווי בבת ים – kindly go to our own website. Back in the ancestral heritage of Neanderthal man, it is easier to see where the attitude of superiority began. You have to go back that far because Trump did no actions as president.

Sometimes for no good reason and sometimes they just take things too far. And it was you and PhoenixV who were laughing about sending AP on a vacation.(banning him) I believe you said he should go take his meds. I won’t follow the loons on hub pages either but also, to be fair, I’ve never come across one on hub pages who wrote anything that tickled my fancy and I’ve read a lot of them. They keep saying that we need one law for everyone, but that law is their law. Nothin wrong with you, keep doin what you do! The left is above the law, above the constitution, above morality, and nothing is OK if it is about president Trump and conversely nothing is wrong as long as it is done by the left. This is our gvt, not trump inc, not repub central. Trump paid off a mistress so you would vote for him. Unlike Bill and Hillary he didn’t do anything. Do I have to do it for Bill and Hillary again?

Have a laugh at my expense. Three years have passed. But, today’s women have no intentions of always being No. 2 in society. Today’s boys are growing up in a different world. Step aside boys. Let the ladies show you how it SHOULD be done. Libelously, I will add. Talented, skillful women will persist in their goals and continue to enjoy success with or without a man’s help. See my last comment, Leslie. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, something changes. I think I noticed that usually happens on the season solstices. Not all men are toxic. All men like this prove is how truly insipid and vacuous they really are. And you are not delusional. Recently, a 98% male jury in a Midwestern state gave a rapist the right to visitation of the child he forced his victim to bear when he impregnated her. The “OFFICE” I’m referring to, big mouth, is MY office, where the staff follows me on HP now & then!


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