Montblanc Capodanno Cinese 2022

Montblanc Chinese New Year 2022 – For the Year of the Tiger, Montblanc has combined the timeless elegance of its unmistakable Meisterstück leather accessories with a bold printed motif inspired by the zodiac sign of the Tiger. In the new collection Meisterstück Selection Red and Black elegant red details, a symbol of luck, are combined with a new interpretation of the black Montblanc emblem.

Montblanc Chinese New Year 2022: Signs & Symbols

Montblanc Signs & Symbols writing instruments, the highest expression of craftsmanship and refinement, evoke the myths and legends at the origin of the zodiac signs that are still part of oriental culture today. Proposed every year since 2015 as a lucky charm for the Chinese New Year, editions Signs & Symbols consist of “The Legend of Zodiacs“, A writing instrument inspired by the zodiac sign corresponding to the new year, and”A Journey Among Dragons”, A collection that pays homage to the great powers of mythological creatures. Crafted from hand-engraved sterling silver, each edition stands out from previous years in design, materials and meaning, honoring the ancient symbols that inspired the writing instrument.

La Tigre Limited Edition 8x8x8

The Montblanc The Legend of Zodiacs edition is dedicated to Tiger, third sign of the zodiac and undisputed queen of animals in Chinese culture. The black and gold striped cloak underlines its royalty, as well as the four stripes on the forehead that make up the Chinese word, which means sovereign or winner.

The hood of the edition The Legend of Zodiacs La Tigre Limited Edition 512Made of Ag 925 sterling silver, it is decorated with a hand-engraved tiger which, depicted with elegant streaks on the forehead, broad shoulders and raised tail, radiates power and wisdom. It has just conquered the top of a rock and stands out among the pines as a symbol of longevity. The abstract motif on the body is inspired by the “clouds of luck”, a symbol of good luck and happiness.

The cone is embellished with a blue sapphire, a reference to the precious stone associated with the sign of the Tiger. The current year of the Tiger, 2022, and the previous six years of the Tiger are engraved on the cap ring embellished with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl. An image of a tiger standing on a rock is engraved on the Au 750 rose gold nib. A further symbol of good luck for the new year is represented by the particular limited edition of The Legend of Zodiacs La Tigre Limited Edition 512, in homage to lucky number 8; 512 is in fact the product of 8x8x8.

Made of red Saffiano leather, a color that in China symbolizes luck and prosperity, a elegant notebook with the gold-colored tiger featured on the cover and matching red ink complete The Legend of Zodiacs writing experience. Montblanc also offers a pair of twins Tiger-shaped Ag 925 sterling silver, a refined accessory to wear on professional or formal occasions.

A Journey among Dragons

Of all the mythological creatures that characterize the cultures of East Asia, the dragon is one of the longest-lived and most important, a positive figure endowed with great spiritual power that bestows luck, prosperity, wisdom and peace to humanity. Also called zhulong, the torch dragon is an ancient Chinese mythological creature that stands out from all other dragons – there is only one torch dragon in the world. It lives in the dark northwestern corner of the square terrestrial map, that is, in the part not covered by the celestial vault and therefore not illuminated by the sun and the moon. That is why he carries a torch or a candle with him to light his path. Being the god of time and seasons, he creates seasonal winds through his breath.

The majestic dragon figure, with red rubies instead of eyes, sinuously wraps the body and the hood of The Dragon Torch Limited Edition 88. While the relief sculpture of the head adorns the hand-engraved Ag 925 sterling silver cap, its snake body, adorned with diamonds, envelops the writing instrument, engraved under the lacquer in different shades of red. The design is further enhanced with a champagne-colored Au 750 solid gold finish and a red garnet set in the cone. The Au 750 solid gold nib is decorated with a delicate engraving of a scale, a symbol of balance, equality and justice, while the dragon’s head is engraved on the front. The cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem inlaid in black onyx and covered with sapphire crystal.

Made in the Montblanc Artisan Atelier, The Dragon Torch Limited Edition 8 is a precious lucky charm depicting a dragon studded with orange sapphires, red rubies and diamonds set in the cap and body in Au 750 solid white gold. The eyes are made up of sparkling red rubies. The dragon’s back and head are plated in champagne gold, while the belly is in white jade. The design of this rare edition is further enhanced with a champagne-colored Au 750 solid gold finish and a red garnet set. A scale, symbol of balance and justice, is engraved on the Au 750 champagne-colored solid gold nib, with a red garnet set. The front is decorated with an engraving of the dragon’s head, while the cap is topped with the Montblanc diamond.

Montblanc Chinese New Year 2022: Meisterstück Selection Red and Black

Montblanc Chinese New Year 2022

While Montblanc’s rich heritage is expressed in the name and craftsmanship of the collection, the Meisterstück Selection Rouge et Noir capsule design was conceived for creatives who are always at the forefront of style. The tiger print applied to the leather is combined with a black chain that makes the look even more daring. The shape of the leather sliders on the hinges evokes the shape of a Montblanc nib, a tribute to the Maison’s pioneering role in the culture of writing.

The functionality of each capsule accessory reflects the dynamic and creative lifestyle of those who choose to wear it. The mini reporter bag and bag they are perfect for everyday life and represent a trendy alternative to more traditional bag formats, with more compact dimensions and the possibility of wearing them over the shoulder.

Both fanny packs in the collection are equipped with a practical external compartment, they can be worn on the shoulder or on the chest giving life to a sporty and casual look. The small coordinated leather goods that complete the collection includes a wallet with 6 credit card slots, a key pouch and a key ring.

New year, new style statement. With Meisterstück Selection Rouge et Noir, Montblanc revisits its creative Heritage with new original and bold designs, creating leather accessories for a new year full of success and prosperity.

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