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Pension reform: Marine Le Pen thinks the French are ‘deluded’


Traveling to Fismes (Marne) on Saturday to support candidate Anne-Sophie Frigout (RN) before the first round of the by-elections in the 2nd district of the department, Marine Le Pen denounced the pension reform presented by the government. Four days after the presentation of the bill to the French, through the voice of Elisabeth Borne, the president of the RN group in the National Assembly, she expressed her firm will to block these proposals. ” We will oppose it with all the weapons that democracy offers us “, he said on behalf of the National Miti deputies, during a press conference broadcast by BFM TV. ” The French are cheated with this reform “, lamented the representative of the French extreme right.

While the large-scale mobilizations, which ” to understand “, are being prepared throughout France, Marine Le Pen reminded that the place of the elected officials was in the chamber. ” Obviously, our voters and members can participate in the demonstrations “Said the one who was replaced at the head of her party by Jordan Bardella. Before the parliamentary battle began, he assured that ” all motions of censure » will be voted on in case of use of the constitutional weapon which is article 49.3.

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“Macronized” Republicans.

Speaking to reporters, Marine Le Pen also chastised the Republicans’ apparent support for the majority, asserting that ” LR elected officials are fully macronized “. ” They are the ones who come to cry crocodile tears for the bakers and consider that this reform must be carried out “, he teased, referring to the latest statements by the leaders of the movement, saying that they are ready to support a reform” fair “, or congratulating himself for having obtained certain concessions from the executive. Finally, a spade was addressed to the voters of Emmanuel Macron. ” In 2022 he announced it. Calling him to vote was calling for a vote on pension reform “, judged the deputy of the 11th district of Pas-de-Calais.

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