Pensions: Unions ask left-wing parties to leave them on the front line


Each to their own lane. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced this Tuesday the content of the already very controversial pension reform. Alongside the political and union opposition, the rebellion rises with a question: who will be best placed to lead the battle?

A first mobilization meeting took place this Tuesday evening in Paris, just after the presentation of the reform with left-wing political leaders such as François Ruffin (LFI), Boris Vallaud (PS), Mathilde Panot, the president of the LFI group in the National Assembly, Marine Tondelier, the new national secretary of Ecology of Europe – The Greens or even Fabien Roussel of the PCF. For their part, the leaders of the eight unions have officially launched the challenge to the project this Tuesday also during a meeting at the Labor Exchange.

The inter-union wants to give the la

At the center of the debate between the left and the unions has been the question of the date of mobilization. The inter-union is calling a strike for the day of January 19. The Insoumis, without their socialist, environmentalist and communist allies of the Nupes, joined on January 21 a day of political mobilization against the pension reform, officially initiated by youth organizations.

If resentment is not in order, the unions aim to maintain control of the opposition organization on the street: ” I think that the left parties would be inspired to let us manage the social mobilization. It is up to the social organizations to set the tone and start the mobilization “said last Sunday a The Parisian Laurent Berger, the head of the CFDT.

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Other unions abound in this direction such as Solidaires. ” We warned the LFI and the other left-wing political parties that wanted to build a common date very quickly that it was up to the trade unions to build the united mobilizations “Explain to JDD Murielle Guilbert, general co-delegate of the union. ” There is no hassleshe insists, we just demand that you take the union pace. But we wish the mobilization of January 21 much success. The goal is not to compete but to win. »

Benoît Teste, general secretary of the FSU, acknowledges: ” the will of some, in LFI and other parties, to try to win the social movement “. However, without calling to join the mobilization of January 21, the leader of the FSU hopes with the JDD the success of the march for the success of the social movement.” We remain benevolent with this demonstration, it contributes to a climate of opposition that we need he continues The same story with Dominique Corona, the deputy general secretary of Unsa also requested by the JDD: ” It is normal for the inter-union to set the tone for the social movement and for us to be aim for these fights. »

Support “all mobilizations”

As if trying to counter any accusations of recovery, various political leaders on the left have publicly kept a low profile: “ I am eagerly awaiting, while congratulating myself on union unity, the date the unions will set. Your date will be ours ” LFI MP Clémentine Autain told BFMTV on Tuesday.

During a press conference held by the Insoumis and the youth organizations organizing the January 21 march, references were made in support of “ all mobilizations “are numerous:” We will be supporting all the mobilizations in the street, the one of January 19 for the inter-union and the one of January 21 for the youth organizations “, stated LFI MP Louis Boyard.

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We will support the union mobilizations with all our forces with a start signal on January 19. January 21 arrives in complementarity for maximum mobilization including weekends. We will support all mobilizations “, also insists the Insoumise Aurélie Trouvé. As if not to add fuel to the fire.

Source : Le JDD

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