Climate crisis: Emmanuel Macron reconsiders his wishes and claims to have been ‘misunderstood’


Emmanuel Macron stated in a video published this Tuesday evening that the climate crisis has been “ faster than expected “, in response to those who had criticized his wishes. During the latter, the Head of State asked himself ” WHO could have predicted” this crisis, but widely described by climatologists.

The President of the Republic defended himself as follows: There is a part of these wishes where I was misunderstood (…) They wanted me to say that basically I would never have read any IPCC report. “What did you mean?” It’s just that it was basically even faster than expectedit continued It is not very credible as an attack (…) We have been acting for years “but ensuring” listen to criticism, always “, and it says share” pressure to do more “.

Very criticized votes

During his televised votes on December 31, the head of state received criticism from experts, NGOs and the opposition, declaring: “ Who could have predicted the wave of inflation unleashed like this (by the Ukrainian war)? Or the climate crisis with spectacular effects again this summer in our country? »

Emmanuel Macron seemed ” far from history when it tells us, for example, that no one could predict the climate crisis. Scientists have been saying this for decades, reports the IPCC after the report of IPCC “, the national secretary of the environmentalist party EELV, Marine Tondelier, had reacted in particular. I don’t understand why he could have said that (…) I could have bet that, during his term, there would be at least one year of extreme events. The surprise would be that a year like 2022 does not exist “climatologist Jean Jouzel had lamented to France Info.

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The President of the Republic also announced that he would maintain ” before the end of January (…) an ecological planning council “, so that ” take stock of what we have to do in the coming years and decades “.

Source : Le JDD

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