Who are the Barjols?


“Les Barjols” is an ultra-right group, active from 2017 to 2018. It refers to the name the Malians gave to the French legionnaires, during the “Barkhane” operation in the Sahel.

This group was formed at the beginning of 2017 on the initiative of Denis Collinet, a former member of the National Front. The movement comes to life on social media thanks to the animation of a Facebook page of the same name. Then Jean-Pierre Bouyer, retired and close friend of the founder, launched a variation, “Barjols 38”, for the department of Isère. In 2018, an association was declared in the prefecture.

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In the publications broadcast on these Facebook pages, these ultra-right activists violently attack immigration, the Muslim religion, current society, the Freemasons, multiply anti-Semitic and conspiratorial theses. They have a particular hatred against Emmanuel Macron. If their activities are mainly digital, they organize some paramilitary training and weekends around the practice of self-defense, survival and firearms. His motto? “Here action is the solution”. At its peak, the group had 5,000 members.

“Les Barjols”, already controlled by the intelligence services, is dismantled by the courts after some of its members considered an action, the plan of which is still unclear, against the head of state, in the year 2018. The latter then moved to Moselle to commemorate the centenary of the armistice. Four men are arrested, including Jean-Pierre Bouyer. A total of 13 people showed up, twelve men and one woman “terrorist conspiracy”.

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