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For Marine Le Pen, only the presidential election counts?


But where the hell is Marine Le Pen going? For a few days, he has been in Senegal, where he is now completing a three-day trip aimed at perfecting his international stature. And, also, to allow him to get rid of a little more of the racist tinsel that has stuck to his party since its foundation half a century ago.

It is true that this Thursday he will make his return to the national level, on the occasion of the first day of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform. But without marching alongside the unions. Because the latter, despite the strong progression of Le Pen’s vote among the militants of certain centers, still maintain him as persona non grata in their processions. And because the person concerned has only a moderate will, in accordance with the history of her movement, to hit the pavement alongside organizations, many of which are classified on the left.

The desire to take air

But where is Marine Le Pen going? Not to the demonstration against pension reform, then. But, also, less and less in the benches of the National Assembly. In recent days, he has expressed a desire to take fresh air, and the countryside. Six months ago, the (future former) president of the National Rally (RN) landed at the head of the first political force at the Palau Bourbó: a divine surprise that she herself had not foreseen. And, with this phalanx of 89 deputies, he undertook the final phase of his demonization enterprise, aided in this by the virulent excesses and permanent guerrilla warfare of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Insoumis.

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The leadership of his parliamentary group, the affirmation of his leadership over the oppositions, the declared will to comply with the rules of the democratic game have undoubtedly allowed him, in this political theater that is the chamber, to refine his stature and commit to delete. the anti-parliamentary culture that clings to the skin of the French extreme right.

An impact on your popularity score?

But a semester has passed, and the leader of the RN already gives the impression of wanting to take off. As if the legislative task bored her, as she was deeply bored, at the time, by the daily management of the affairs of the far-right party, where Jordan Bardella replaced her. This explains Senegal, but also its presence, last Saturday, in a small town in the Marne, in support of an RN candidate who is running for partial legislative elections there. Which announces other trips.

It is not certain, however, that Marine Le Pen, who could give the impression of no longer knowing where she lives, suffers in the survey plan due to her absence on the street, and due to greater discretion in the Bourbon Palace. In the same way as the cry of the heart of the representative of Fournas – “go back to Africa” –, which had caused a scandal, had not had the slightest impact on the rating of the leader of the nationalist party. The main thing, for her, seems today to continue capitalizing on the opposition to Emmanuel Macron, with a view to a third presidential final, which, this one, will not be played against the latter. As if, basically, there was only the presidential election today that interested Marine Le Pen.

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