Domestic violence: Bill to create emergency aid to return to Senate on February 16


The date was decided on Wednesday evening at the conference of presidents in the Senate. The cross-party financial assistance bill for victims of domestic violence, unanimously approved in the National Assembly on January 16, will be debated in the second reading in the Senate a month later, on February 16, in from 10.30 am (and at the Social Affairs Committee on February 8). The text, initially brought by the elected centrist Valérie Létard, will therefore not wait for the niche of her group in March. It will be part of a government week.

“It remains to complete the exercise and ensure that a valid vote can be made. Then we will have to move quickly on the execution decrees”, where the amount of aid and the methods of allocation will be specified, explains Valérie Létard (UDI) to the JDD. The senator from the North notes an evolution on the part of the government on the subject, since the first reading in the Senate in October 2022: “In the beginning, he had given an opinion of wisdom. He realizes that there is a general consensus. This is an important item that was missing from a “starter pack” device. »

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In the Palau-Bourbon, in January, the National Rally (RN) had tried to register it in its parliamentary niche, before it was finally decided to register this bill creating universal emergency aid for victims of domestic violence in a week of the National Assembly. , where the latter chooses its own agenda. In return, it was the first time that a text about to be voted had a co-sponsor from RN.

Source : Le JDD

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