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Pensions: why some majority MPs threaten not to support the reform


Officially, they are currently only a handful. Five Renaissance deputies, a MoDem parliamentarian and a member of the Horizons group threaten, at this stage, not to support the pension reform. Then not even a tailwind. prevent A small breeze bites the calves of a presidential camp in search of a majority to support their project in the Assembly. According to some estimates, in the Macronist benches, there could even be twenty to consider voting against the text or abstaining.

Microphones off, several weeks ago, some of the disaffected were already showing their skepticism. Since then, the presidential project has been announced. Now they move forward with their faces uncovered. On Monday, on BFMTV, ex-minister Barbara Pompili was the first to come out of the woodwork: ” If I had to vote now, I wouldn’t be able to vote there “He launched the deputy (Renaissance) of the Somme, insisting on the” social injustices of the government project.

We are not slingers! challenges the deputy (Renaissanceist) of the Val d’Oise Cécile Rilhac, member of the micro-party En comú founded by Pompili, one of the left wings of the majority. Some tell us that they bother us, but by talking about it we are doing our job as parliamentarians. “Now that the postponement of the legal age of departure (from 62 to 64 years) – let her judge” uneven “- gets recorded, asks for rebalancing: ” In terms of fairness, the government must compromise. »

Older people not sufficiently protected

The most tense aspect is that of the employment of the elderly. The employment rate for 55-64 year olds is only 56% in France, below the average for the 27 countries of the European Union. “ The reform is unfair, especially for those who have worked all their lives and will be kicked out by big companies “, raged Richard Ramos, the only member of the MoDem openly against the proposed reform.” Mentoring, training… We need to imagine levels between work and retirement so that older people do not find themselves in a no man’s land between RSA and unemployment before receiving your pension “, he pleads.

At this stage, the government wants to force companies to publish an “index” on the subject. Not binding enough according to pompilists who present the idea of ​​a bonus-malus: a bonus for companies that employ older people; a surcharge for those who do not play the game. Today, citizens have the impression that only workers participate in the reform. It would be a way of saying that companies are also doing their part “, develops Cécile Rilhac.

For those now in their 60s and will bear the brunt of both the extension of the contribution period and the change in the retirement age “, the deputy (Renaissance) of Hérault Patrick Vignal – who threatened not to vote for the text – suggests a clue: ” We could give them a bonus in those extra quarters, which would increase their pension a bit. »

Long careers, women and young people

In the list of blocking points, the subjects pile up. ” What about long runs? Ask those close to Pompili. For those who started working early, the text foresees an exit after 44 years of contribution. ” We propose to reduce this contribution period to 43 years, like the rest of the heritage, in a logic of equality between contributors. “, we can read in his press release. “ It is necessary to take into account the number of contribution quarters without extending the legal exit age. It’s a measure of social justice! “, has he tweeted for his part, the representative of Horizons for Mayenne, Yannick Favennec. Contrary to the majority of his group, he assured Thursday that ” How is it “, will not vote in favor of the reform.

Another question: how should young people be taken into account? At this stage, student jobs and paid internships do not allow for trimesters to be validated, below a certain threshold. “ Those who were forced to work during their studies contributed. They must be able to validate pension rights “, affirms Cécile Rilhac.

Richard Ramos is also concerned about compensation for career interruptions, particularly for mothers who have experienced career interruptions. The reform foresees that parental leave is taken into account in the long-career system. More than 3,000 women could benefit each year, according to the executive. ” But for most of those who have stopped working to raise their children, it will still be a drag, laments the MoDem MP. Women should not be penalized. »

Most of it is irrelevant

Richard Ramos, Barbara Pompili, Cécile Rilhac, Patrick Vignal, Yannick Favennec… If they are not satisfied, will these majority deputies desert? ” We have discussions with our group, Olivier Dussopt’s cabinet [le ministre du Travail, NDLR] and Matignon », explains, confidently, one of these renaissance deputies. Signal that the threat is taken seriously, there are also small bursts of pressure. ” They called me to be more moderate… I said no! “Storm Richard Ramos, while ensuring that within the MoDem,” many MEPs find this reform unfair “.

The group’s staff is convinced that the lost sheep will return to their fold. ” No voice will be missing from our groupconvinces Renaissance spokesman Benjamin Haddad. It is a commitment of the President of the Republic, we have all campaigned for it: it would be incomprehensible not to vote for this reform. “, thunders the latter. Warning from one of the refractory: ” When you are a majority, abstention already weighs a lot… »

In search of forty votes to close the gaps in its relative majority, the presidential camp faces a double challenge: convincing Republicans to support reform and plugging the gaps in their own camp.

Source : Le JDD



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