Defense: Emmanuel Macron announces an increase of one third of the budget of the Armed Forces


A real economic boost for the Army. Present in the Landes to present his wishes to the armies, Emmanuel Macron announced that, within the framework of the future military programming law (LPM), the budget of the Armies will be increased by a third during the period 2024-2023, it is that is, an increase of 400,000 million euros. ” The LPM reflects the country’s efforts in favor of its armies ” and ” these efforts will be proportional to the dangers, that is to say, considerable he said, adding that after repairing the armies, we will transform them “.

A real change begins in the armies

This law will continue the financial effort in defense after a 2019-2025 LPM of 295 billion euros, which had ended years of budget cuts to the armies. It is eagerly awaited, while the war in Ukraine has highlighted the weaknesses of the French military system.

In total, these two military programming laws will therefore have led to doubling the budgets of our armies. “, emphasized the President of the Republic, noting that” these are considerable resources that amplify a defense effort whose momentum has been unprecedented for five decades “but also this” these exceptional resources obviously dictate a great requirement “.

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The Head of State indicated that these 413,000 million begin ” a profound change that will then be irreversible “. ” We don’t have to do the same with more, we have to do it better and differently. “, he insisted, before declaring that the Armies” he had to have a war ahead “to” be prepared for wars more brutal, more numerous and more ambiguous at the same time “.

Cyber ​​capabilities will be strengthened “very significantly”

In the Landes, Emmanuel Macron also announced that efforts will continue to modernize France’s nuclear deterrent, for which 5.6 billion euros are earmarked in payment credits by 2023. Cyber ​​capabilities will be ” very noticeably reinforced “have capacity” first class “.

The budget for military intelligence will increase by almost 60% during the period 2024-2030, Emmanuel Macron has announced. The budget of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DRM) and the Directorate of Defense and Security Intelligence (DRSD) will be significantly doubled.

More labor abroad

The overseas territories will be subject to additional investments in terms of equipment and personnel, because the progress of the world puts many of these territories, especially in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. at the forefront of possible future confrontations “, stressed the Head of State.

France has to do it to have strengthened the sovereignist forces to be able to give a claw to those who would want to attack our interests “, especially in the Asia-Pacific, where China’s expansionist goals are worrying, Elisi argues.

Source : Le JDD

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