Pension reform: Elon Musk backs Emmanuel Macron


Elon Musk assures you: “Macron is doing the hard, but right thing. » The head of Twitter gave his support to the president of the French Republic on Friday, after the first day of mobilization against the pension reform on Thursday 19 January. Emmanuel Macron and the government of Elisabeth Borne, who presented this highly criticized text ten days ago, are facing a wave of protest that should last. At the end of the demonstration organized on Thursday, the unions called a new mobilization on January 31.

“Impossible to support a large number of retirees”

But for Elon Musk, the head of state is right to want to postpone the retirement age. On Twitter, the entrepreneur who also runs Tesla and SpaceX wrote: “The retirement age of 62 was set when life expectancy was much shorter. It is impossible for a small number of workers to support a massive number of retirees. »

The government’s plan is to postpone the retirement age from 62 to 64. A measure strongly contested by all unions, most members of the opposition and a large number of French people. On Thursday, around 1.1 million people demonstrated in France, according to authorities. The CGT even indicated that the number of participants was two million.

Another demonstration on Saturday

This Saturday, a dozen youth organizations will also hit the pavement alongside members of La France insoumise (LFI) in Paris. However, this demonstration should attract fewer participants than Thursday’s. Most unions will not attend, such as the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez. The latter had already been expressed, in an interview granted to media part beginning of January, Dec “Desire for Independence” in front of other political parties. Only the two unions, the Federal Union of State Unions CGT and Sud-Solidaires, have called for mobilization this Saturday.

Source : Le JDD

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