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Pension reform: the executive assures that a third of the savings will be allocated to professional development


The development of careers would be hidden behind the reform of pensions. This is what Stanislas Guerini said franceinfo this saturday The minister of civil service addressed, unsurprisingly, the very controversial pension reform bill. As reported by AFP, he said that a third of the savings that the pension reform entails would be used to improve the development of the professional career of workers in France. “This is also why this reform will devote a lot of effort – a third of the savings generated will be allocated to these efforts – to be able to acquire tools to better develop the career”he announced

Six billion to “correct injustices”

Through pension reform, the government expects to save 17.7 billion euros in 2030. Of this sum, six million euros will be allocated to “Righting injustices”, said Stanislas Guerini. He continued with franceinfo : “It is without comparison with previous pension reforms. » The Paris deputy gave the example of the 2010 pension reform that he created “30,000 million euros in savings, of which 1,500 million were dedicated to correcting injustices.”

The executive is considering implementing various measures such as the introduction of “gradual retirement” for teachers Stanislas Guerini specified that this would allow “work part-time at the end of the degree without losing remuneration » because it will be possible “to benefit in advance from his retirement pension”.

Reform for “next generations”

Turned on franceinfo, the renaissance elected officials of the capital have also reacted to the demonstration of youth organizations that began at 2 p.m. this Saturday in Paris, alongside members of La France insoumise (LFI). By Stanislas Guerini, this new mobilization “It means we have to keep convincing”asking young French people to do so “not to be exploited” by the opposition, in particular by LFI. Finally, the minister promised that the pension reform was planned “For these next generations.”

Source : Le JDD



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