Demonstration against the pension reform: young people in turn take to the streets


“Working basement of the subway. » Faustine is in a dark mood: the 22-year-old law student has drawn a coffin next to the slogan on her billboard. Affiliated to no party or trade union, shows little. But to listen to him, the pension reform leaves him no choice. “I’m scared, I don’t want to die after work, but to enjoy life”, she breathes A black point among the cloud of multicolored flags of the left, which came to parade in Paris on Saturday at the call of the youth organizations and La France insoumise (LFI). 150,000 people left, they say; 14,000, according to independent firm Occurrence. On Thursday, at the call of the unions, there were between 1 and 2 million throughout France.

Dark jacket, serious face, Insoumis leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon echoes: “Long live life, down with death!” » Posted in a truck shown “60 years or dead”, the ex-deputy casts a spell on Emmanuel Macron: “Damn you!” And to resume, addressing the young leaders at their feet: “Down Parcoursup! Be damned for wanting to turn everything into a commodity!” Wandering alone in the crowd, the elected Insoumis Éric Coquerel is convinced: “Youth can be the determining factor. The one that will deal the fatal blow to the government. »

“Let’s not forget anything”

The memory of the first employment contract (CPE) remains in everyone’s mind. In 2006, the Élysée abandoned this project after weeks of youth mobilization. Today the environmental senator Thomas Dossus was: “I was extremely mobilized in Lyon. This is the last time we got a win. » Would the youth today be slow, the student organizations powerless? 18-year-old Jérémy, from the Fidl high school student union, sings really loud to kill this little music: “Macron, you’re screwed, you’ve put the youth on the street!” The lock-after-lock promiser started working at McDonald’s at a young age to help his mother pay the bills. He considers it regrettable that Unef, the main student union, is absent from the demonstration, favoring that of the unions.

The national coordinator of LFI, Manuel Bompard, has understood the message: he invokes “political unit” At the time of “union unit”. The same is criticized for having removed him from the direction of the stories of the movement, causing an internal crisis. Therefore, his answer makes Antoine, a 20-year-old Insoumis activist but very critical of Mélenchon, smile. “We must remain united in the face of such a brutal reform, even if we do not forget anything”, points out the future engineer. V from the Nupes on the cheek, Julie, young Insoumise, abounds: “The mother of battles will not make us forget her daughters. »

Source : Le JDD

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