Pension reform: the RN calls for the bill to be submitted to a referendum


On the eve of the presentation to the Council of Ministers of the pension reform bill scheduled for Monday, Miti Nacional (RN) requested a referendum. Guest on the show The Great Meeting on CNews this Sunday, RN President Jordan Bardella shared this idea: “One of the ways to avoid blockages, and above all to listen to the opinion of the opposition and the opinion of the French people, is to submit this text to a referendum. »

strong opposition

While a first day of strike and demonstration was held on Thursday, the unions have already called for a new mobilization on January 31. But in the meantime other movements must be organized. This has already been the case of the demonstration of youth organizations held on Saturday in Paris, alongside members of La France insoumise (LFI), including Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

A massive protest that alarms Jordan Bardella, also opposed to pension reform: “We could be heading for difficult and uncertain times with popular mobilizations in the streets, risks of blockades. » For number 1 of the Lepenist party, “When you have this horizon in front of you, you have to go through a referendum,” he assured CNews. “It’s a way to put this text up for debate, to come out on top”insisted the MEP.

“The French are old enough to understand each other”

Jordan Bardella judged this again “The French are old enough to understand what will happen” i “understand that this text will have a direct impact on the way you work, on the longevity of your career”. Before finally remembering that the pension reform project was “Worn by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign”but has “suffered an affront during the legislative elections.”

Source : Le JDD

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