PS Congress: Olivier Faure denounces “a bad controversy” and calls for a rally


An irreconcilable socialist party? While Olivier Faure had announced his victory in an interview with the JDD, the verification commission validated this vote this Sunday. According to a new count, the outgoing first secretary won with 51.09% of the vote compared to 48.91% of his opponent of the day, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. Despite this formalization, the mayor of Rouen continued to question the victory of Olivier Faure, while denouncing the fraud. guest of franceinfo this Monday morning, the winning candidate mentioned to him ” a bad argument “.

So he claimed to have no doubt, having checked all the federations “. After remembering it all minutes of all votes are available to the press “, who has held the position of first secretary of the PS since April 2018, made a unifying speech: “INow we need to move forward and seek to unite all socialists “. Therefore, he invited his two opponents from the first round to meet with him to discuss the future of the party.

However, consensus is likely to be difficult to find between the various parties, the main breaking point being the alliance with the other left-wing parties and in particular the creation of the Nupes. Led and supported by Olivier Faure, this alliance was criticized by Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, and in particular the dependence on the rebel France of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “ We need a management that broadly associates all their sensibilities, ensuring that everyone finds their place and reality. “However, assured Olivier Faure, ensuring not to be” neither blind nor deaf regarding comments.

Source : Le JDD

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