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What is the Superior Council for Equality between Women and Men?


A worrying new inventory of sexism in France. Published on Monday, the annual barometer of the High Council for equality between women and men issues dramatic conclusions, seven years after the launch of the metoo movement. According to the results of this study carried out by the Viavoice Institute on a representative sample of the French population, 80% of women feel that they have already been victims of sexism and more than a third of them declare that they have suffered ” non-consent situation “. ” Yes, this report is alarmingSylvie Pierre-Brossolette, president of the HCE, was outraged this Monday at the microphone of France Inter. There is really something to think about and, above all, alert the public authorities to say: “Now that’s enough!”. But what role does the organization play in this fight against inequality?

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The Superior Council for Equality between Women and Men is an independent advisory organization created in 2013 during the five-year mandate of François Hollande. Its members have a mandate of three years, without remuneration, and are appointed by decree” by the president of the government, at the proposal of the Minister of Women’s Rights “, as indicated on the HCE website.

For ten years, the organization has been in charge of directing the government’s equality policy, evaluating it and, more specifically, monitoring it” consult with civil society and lead the public debate on the main orientations of women’s rights and equality policy », according to the terms of the decree that gave rise to its creation. In order to carry out its function, the Superior Council for Equality between Women and Men can currently be convened by the President of the Government and the delegated minister in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and ‘Equal opportunities. The organization can also self-refer, which it regularly does by producing, for example, a parity guide. In 2017 she was given a new mission: to write an annual report on the state of sexism in France, the fifth edition of which was published on Monday.

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