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Pensions: Franck Riester admits that women are “a bit penalized” by the postponement of the legal age


Presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday, the text of the pension reform is accompanied by an impact study which admits that women will be more affected by the reduction in the retirement age than men. This 110-page document confirms the inequalities, with a difference of up to four months between men and women, in access to retirement. Taking into account several parameters, such as the average age of entry into the labor market, the report estimates that ” pension reform led to an increase in the average retirement age of one month on average for the 1962 generation and six months for the 1966 generation. “. ” This average increase is more pronounced for women (+ seven months) than for men (+ five months) “, is analyzed during this period. Another example where the postponement is more pronounced, women born in 1972 will have to work nine months longer than before the approval of the reform. The men of the same generation will have to stay at work five months longer, four months less than their counterparts.The effort required by women born in 1980 is even greater: they will leave eight months later on average, compared to four months for men.A sensitive point of which the executive is well aware.

In the public Sénat, Franck Riester agreed on Monday that women were ” a little penalized “, going against the government’s communication that until now highlighted a reform” fair “and one” progress, progress “.

“We absolutely do not disagree”

Everyone is asked to make an effort, including women. Women, in order to reach their contribution period, use in particular trimesters validated by child […] Obviously, if you push back the legal age (to 64), they’re penalized a bit. We absolutely do not disagree “, said the Minister of Relations with the Parliament. According to the words of Franck Riester, the trimesters validated by child will not be taken into account for the postponement of the legal departure age, because ” they play the quote period », forcing women to work longer.

Leaving the Council of Ministers and on the microphone of France Inter, a few hours earlier, the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, had argued: ” This discrepancy is explained by the fact that today there are a certain number of insured women who retire earlier than men, because they benefit from increases in the contribution period to the maternity certificate. »

Source : Le JDD



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