Serially serie tv catalogo 2021

Serially tv series catalog 2021 – TV series fans can access a new range of content thanks to Serially, the first free streaming platform dedicated to international series never seen in Italy, subtitled and dubbed by nationally known voices and experienced voice actors.

Users will be able to watch free TV series instead of paid TV series, against the display of commercials. Serially made its debut on the Italian market with an initial proposal of contents of Spanish and English production composed by 13 titles including the English comedy Brassic, the Spanish series If it were you and the miniserie Him, TV series that have already recorded a huge success in their country of origin and in other European countries. By the end of the year, the platform’s offering will expand further, leading to 23 titles available for users who subscribe to Serially: an interesting initial catalog of unpublished content that will be constantly expanding.

Serially is currently available in online streaming on, while the app for iOS and Android devices will be available in the various stores from the end of the month; this will be followed by the rollout on smart TV.

Serially tv series catalog 2021


Best friends Vinnie, Dylan, Ashley, Cardi, Tommo and JJ have shared, cheated and laughed over three long decades of friendship. These days their patterns have only gotten more creative. Whether it’s stealing koi carp, blowing up a safe, or raiding a rival farmer’s farm, these guys think they can get away with any situation. But their luck is running out. And things start to fall apart when Vinnie is blackmailed by farmer Jim who asks him to steal a pony in exchange for continuing to hide their grass crop from him on his property. Only after stealing it Vinnie discovers that the pony belongs to the daughter of a very dangerous man: the criminal Terence McCann.

Among the members of the group: Vito Ventura, voiced by Shade, the famous Italian rapper singer. Vinnie, voiced by Gianluca Iacono, Italian voice of Vegeta in Dragon Ball. Dominic West instead plays Dr. Chris Cox.

SI FUERAS TU – If I were you

Alba is a 16-year-old girl who will go to live with her uncle Miguel in a residential area far from where she lives now, in search of a new life. Alba’s parents have moved to New Zealand for work, but she has to finish the school year in Spain before she can join them. However, as soon as she arrives at the school where she is enrolled, she realizes that it will not be easy to adapt in the new school. The cause is his resemblance to Cris, a girl who disappeared only six months earlier.

Alba’s first reaction will be to escape from that place. Alba decides to find out what happened to Cris and who are to blame for her disappearance. There are various speculations about what could have happened, could have been killed, bullied, or forced to commit suicide. In this search for truth, Alba will discover something she could never have suspected.


This gripping story centers on a 17-year-old boy, who is always referred to as HIM. The young man lives trapped between childhood and adulthood, and in a limbo between two new homes and two families: those of his divorced parents. Like any teenager, he is riding a roller coaster of confused emotions. But his behavior is also triggered by something else – a primal struggle to contain the terrifying secret of a supernatural power inherited from his grandfather. The powers of Him are becoming more and more intense. After an argument with some classmates, while he is returning home with his parents between the questions of his father and the screams of his sister, his nose starts to bleed and his powers are felt. The protagonist is played by Fionn Whitehead.

ANTES DE PERDER – Before losing everything

The story of Jana and Diana, two thirty-something so different in everything that, under normal conditions, they wouldn’t have exchanged a word between them. But now they have something in common: their lives are at a standstill and they just need a spark to start living them intensely or to end up rotting in jail. Together they will take a road of no return, make a very strong friendship with each other and share a story that breaks the antiquated codes on the concept of femininity.

INHIBIDOS – Locked up

A group of young people are locked up in a country house, unable to leave it. After a few years without seeing his friends, Juan decides to gather them all together to spend a weekend in a country house. After a day of relaxation, alcohol and fun, the kids go to sleep. Lidia is the first to wake up and as soon as she gets up she realizes that something strange happened that night: they are all closed inside the house and that they are left without water and without light. Among the protagonists also Toni, played by Miguel Bernardeau in Elite.


Boca Norte tells of a teenager named Andrea who moves to a small neighborhood, El Carmel, with her father, running away from a bad bullying story she got caught in. Andrea likes to sing and dance and when she arrives in the new neighborhood her father wants her to meet new people and encourages her to go to the cultural center in Boca Norte. He will soon meet a group of young people with whom to forget their worries and face their fears. Among the main characters there will also be Dani (voice provided by Gianandrea Muià, famous videogames voice actor).

BAJO LA RED – Stuck in the net

The series sees as the protagonist Maria Diaz de Nati (Irene), a face already known for the previous role in the fiction Il Segreto. A group of young people trapped in a chain of Internet favors come together to unmask their mysterious organizer, the Achiever, aka C. An enigmatic individual who hides his identity behind a virtual mask. Irene la, the protagonist, joins this chain to try to investigate the untimely death of her sister. Irene is in fact convinced that the chain of favors is a fundamental key to interpret the facts surrounding the disappearance of her sister.


The series is inspired by the novel by Dorian Gray and tells the story of Dorien, a young photographer with an overwhelming personality, famous for her celebrity shots and obsessed with aging. Marcos is a journalist in the midst of the crisis of his forties. Faust (his boss) wants Marcos to interview Dorien, who will introduce him to a world very different from hers, where mysterious murders will mark everyone’s life. Among the famous faces, Dafne Fernandez, known for her role in the famous Spanish series Paso Adelante, who plays Dorien’s girlfriend.


This series tells about the creation of the Wake Up app, the new international tool developed by EDU (Education Department Unit) that will forever revolutionize the global education system. The idea of ​​learning using just one app seems appealing enough to capture a group of young people who will become the pioneers of the experiment.

Iris, a successful YouTuber specializing in global conspiracy research, was kidnapped just as she uncovered relevant information about a worldwide organization dedicated to youth re-education. When he awakens, he is already part of the new experiment of this mysterious organization, along with his other companions: Deborah, Luna and Ares (Jorge Lopez, well-known face of Elite).


When the zombie apocalypse unleashes in Birmingham, sisters Kat and Jo, along with unlikely travel companions Sunny and Amar, must flee to save their lives. To do this they will choose the more complicated method, sailing along the treacherous Grand Union canal aboard Dorothy, a long barge; then, a high voltage but low speed chase. The barge goes only a few miles per hour faster than the walking zombies. Because, as zombie expert Kat explains, “Zombies can’t swim and The Walking Dead would have ended in one season if Rick Grimes had used his brain and gone to the Everglades.” During the journey, friendships, alliances, quarrels and love stories develop in Dorothy’s cramped quarters.


Drama tells the story of Africa, a 20-year-old who lives in a decadent apartment, which she shares with other roommates. She has a precarious job and will have to face a change of life that she could never have expected: she got pregnant, but she doesn’t know who the father of the child is.

EL PUNTO FRIO – The cold spot

A series inspired by La Santa compaña, a famous Galician legend, about a procession of wandering souls who warn, during the night, in which houses deaths will occur. Martín, a young man obsessed with paranormal phenomena, arrives in Galicia, convinced that strange phenomena will occur in the following days that he wants to study. When he begins to investigate, he finds the body of a man who looks the same as when he disappeared thirty years ago.


On a sunny day, five young people travel in a bright red car: Edrian, owner of the vehicle, at his side his girlfriend Chloe, and in the back his friends Marta, Amanda and Lucía. They all go in the direction of Edrian’s house, which the girls will discover to be a dreamlike and immense space, where a group of horses graze in the center of the building and attractive boys look after these wonderful animals. The girls realize that Edrian’s family is wrapped in a kind of imaginative spell. Willing to spend the night with them, the girls will discover that in this palace those who live there are mythological beings: the Cupidos. The experience that begins as magical will become dark and unnerving.

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