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The Rig Amazon Prime Video: filming of the new British Amazon Original series kicks off, starting later this month in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Rig Amazon Prime Video – The cast of the highly anticipated British Amazon Original series The Rig, a six-episode thriller series produced by Wild Mercury Productions, created by David Macpherson and directed by John Strickland (Line of Duty, Bodyguard), has been unveiled. The series will be shot entirely in Scotland on an oil rig and at FirstStage Studios in Edinburgh; filming will begin later this month.

Here is the Kinloch Bravo oil rig team: Iain Glen plays Magnus MacMillan, Offshore Installation Manager of the platform and leader of the team, Emily Hampshire She plays Rose Mason, a scientist and representative of the oil company, a newcomer to the platform.

Martin Compston he holds the role of press officer Fulmer Hamilton. Rochenda Sandall plays paramedic Cat Braithwaite. Owen Teale is the head of the drillers Lars Hutton. Richard Pepple is team leader Grant Dunlin and Mark Bonnar is Deck Foreman Alwyn Evans.

Calvin Demba interprets Dr Rob Hand Baz Roberts, Emun Elliott is the mechanic of the Leck Longman platform. Abraham Popoola is the crane operator of the Easter Ayodeji platform, Stuart McQuarrie holds Head Chef Colin Murchison e Molly Vevers is the laborer Heather Shaw.

The Rig Amazon Prime Video: la trama

Magnus and his crew aboard the Kinloch Bravo oil rig are stationed off the Scottish coast in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. When the time finally comes to return to the mainland, a mysterious and impenetrable fog descends. The platform is hit by strong tremors and suddenly find themselves unable to communicate with the coast and the outside world.

As the team tries to find out what’s causing these inexplicable tremors, a serious accident leads them to wonder who they can truly trust. The bonds of the past are broken and new alliances are formed as all generational fractures emerge. Everything in the Bravo team will be exhausted, from the loyal relationships between the crew members to the physical and mental endurance of each of them, in a head-to-head with forces beyond imagination.

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