We propose knowledge-enhanced summarizer which generates sports news based on both live commentary document and knowledge corpus. Sports drinks have much higher sugar concentrations than Pedialyte. Advertising said it made for a “much more powerful Capri,” though output was rated at 105 horsepower, two less than the previous 2.6-liter edition (again in pursuit of cleaner running). They’ll provide you with a lot more information. Ball trajectory data are one of the most fundamental and useful information in the evaluation of players’ performance and analysis of game strategies. Julian Hook, 1950’s Robbinsdale High School Star Athlete, Dies: Julian Hook, one of the best athletes… Whether or not kids stay involved with the sport through high school or college, they still benefit from the exercise, discipline and social activities. The sport offers at least one benefit to guides and tour operators: While certain conditions and accessibility needs must be fulfilled to build a ski resort, heli skiers can be dropped in on nearly unlimited mountain ridges. Go with a group of skiers with similar abilities and fitness levels.

Larger amounts of movement mean a more comfortable ride, while lower levels offer less shock absorption. The upper level of the hierarchical model is a semi-Markov model with a state for each of the defined phase labels, and within each state the lower level is a parallel hidden Markov model for each trajectory. Road & Track tried two V-6 Capri IIs, one a fully equipped Ghia, and the other a standard model. Perplexity, a standard measure of language-model fit Jelinek et al. Perhaps as a result, Koopmeiners (2012) identifies stronger fits when comparing state-space models to BTM’s fit separately within each season. The scale of early datasets (Zhang et al., 2016; Wan et al., 2016) is less than 1,000 samples, which cannot be utilized to explore sophisticated supervised models. Bacon et al., 2017) apply a planning layer on top of RL where they infer the abstractions from the data as well. Indeed, the broader ML literature, as well as industry-based applied contexts and ML competitions such as those on Kaggle, do not support blanket statements which would give primacy to ANNs over all other algorithms. 1) We develop a new benchmark MultiSports for the research of spatio-temporal action localization with well-defined but realistically difficult human actions as well as multi-person, high-quality and 25fps frame-wise annotations from four popular sports, which is representative for many real-life applications.

One item that was totally new for the 1976 Mercury Capri II package was a new 2,300-cubic-centimeter overhead-cam inline four produced at Ford’s Lima, Ohio, engine plant. 5 mph. Most automakers produced less-than-artistic protrusions from the fronts and rears of their products, but on the Capri, the result came off a little better. Just a few years ago, the concept cars the major automakers created to showcase their design and engineering teams were all about horsepower, speed and luxury; however, massive increases in fuel prices are causing an industry-wide change. The most impressive change for the 1974 Capri was enlargement of the V-6 to 2,792 cubic centimeters. R&T proclaimed in its summation of the V-6 Capri IIs. Base prices took a steep increase for the year with the 2000 going up nearly 13 percent, or $385, to $2,983, while the base V-6 Capri 2600 shot up to $3,261. Also new, though less positive, was a starting price that shot up to $4,117. If you squeeze the rear brake too quickly, you may skid out of control, while squeezing the front brake too fast may flip your body over the handlebars.

There are no hydraulic brake lines — the Provoq uses a brake-by-wire system. No need to bring your iPod along — the hard drive can store thousands of songs and maps for the navigation system. One motor provides drive for both front wheels at 70 kW (93.9 horsepower). Part of the roof is taken up by a solar panel that draws in the Sun’s energy to power accessories like the stereo, interior lights and the integrated hard drive. Cheerleaders play a pivotal part in keeping the fans excited and supportive, and it’s developed into a competitive sport in its own right. More importantly, could they create an alternative fuel “crossover” small Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that still had cargo room once the battery packs and Green Bay Packers Infant fuel cell stacks were in place? There’s more to a board than the materials it’s made of — size can make a big difference in how a surfboard performs, too. Inside the fuel cell is the stack — a sandwich of anodes, cathodes and other high-tech materials — that enables a chemical reaction to give the Provoq its power. One of the original design parameters of the Provoq was that the alternative fuel system couldn’t intrude on the interior space.