Olympiads are a kind of competitive examination, held across schools, to tap distinctive students with one of the best of potential, expertise, aptitude, and IQ.

Olympiad exams are a gateway to let a student study their academic strengths. These exams improve the student’s learning capacity, logical reasoning, and scientific ability. Throughout these exams, the topics covered are- science, maths, computers, or another languages similar to English or Hindi. Based on the national or worldwide level, they’ll observe and work upon their significant weaknesses, which increase up their strengths. It boosts their confidence to improve themselves academically.

Olympiad Meaning

The literal meaning of Olympiad from dictionary is “an event when the ancient or modern Olympic Games were or are held.”

Within the context of Olympiad Exams, Olympiad exams or Olympiads are the means for students to compete with other students on an analogous educational level. Such exams promote the learning of skills in topics like mathematics, science, pc technology or English language amongst students.

The Authentic ‘Worldwide Science Olympiad’

The earliest of Olympiads we know about are a gaggle of competitions collectively known because the International Science Olympiads. To be chosen to compete in the Worldwide Science Olympiad, a student must first qualify in the National Science Olympiad, which is held throughout all schools in a country.

Typically every participating school first holds a screening round to pick its best students, who’re then despatched to participate in the National Science Olympiad, following which they could stand an opportunity to compete internationally.

Why Are Olympiads So Widespread Among Mother and father?

Participating in and profitable any kind of competition – be it a simple gully cricket match, or the World Cup – is one of the finest feelings within the world. Competitions award merit, performance, excellence – quite literally, the very best in a human being.

Nonetheless, it takes loads to be chosen as the very best of the best. And so the chances of a student decrease as the number of participants increase. Think about it: what’s the likelihood that a random student will turn out to be not only the brightest student of his school, but additionally his city, state, country, and probably one of the brightest students on the planet?

It would therefore be understandable that: loads of pride is related with a child qualifying at any of the Olympiad levels. Hence most parents now-a-days need their children to participate in Olympiads.

Along with that, other reasons why parents urge their children to participate in Olympiads are:

Mother and father view Olympiads as a ‘training ground’ for future competitive exams.

Qualifying in an Olympiad offers children extra benefit while applying for further studies. Many instituitions view qualifying Olympiads as a ‘good to have’ achievement of their prospective students; it can be believed that some preferentially prolong admissions to such students.

Parents additionally think Olympiads promote such skills and abilities as critical thinking, analysing ability, etc.

Our present schooling pattern does not conduct any kind of exams until the last couple of years of schooling (since we are currently following the ‘steady assessment’ pattern). This leaves dad and mom clueless about their child’s true potential and aptitude for a very long time, and they view Olympiads as an opportunity to do just that.

While the intention of Olympiads may be quite honorable and noble, a variety of private sector companies are actually exploiting dad and mom’ sentiments in an effort to reap big profits, and make cash off younger children giving up their play-time for observe time in an effort to ace these exams.

For the above mentioned reasons, more and more dad and mom are urging their children to seem in Olympiad exams every year. In consequence, many private sector firms are starting their own ‘Olympiads’ and luring students and fogeys alike with such rewards as watches, tablets, prize cash, and educational trips abroad.

So why do mother and father still want their children to seem for these private Olympiads? Because more number of Olympiads means more number of possibilities for his or her child to prove himself, and make his mother and father proud. And who would not want to be the proud father or mother of a smart, intelligent young child?

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