Scandal around Eva Kaili: the president of the European Parliament promises measures against corruption


This is undoubtedly an investigation that will mark the history of the European Parliament. Eva Kaili, Greek vice president of the Socialists and Democrats in the assembly, was charged in December, along with three others, for ” membership of a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption “. He is notably suspected of having received money from Qatar to take positions in favor of Doha. During the searches, the investigators got hold of one and a half million euros in small denominations.

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Almost a month after this sensational scandal, the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, showed her will to recover the image of the body by promising measures against corruption and the interference of foreign powers. During a speech in the chamber, he emphasized that ” the events of the last month have shown the need to rebuild the bonds of trust with the European citizens we represent He also detailed a first round of measures.

Among those first steps, he said he wanted to restrict access to the European Parliament to former elected officials, who until now had kept the door open. All external collaborators will also be registered in a transparency register. All gifts, trips or meetings of MEPs within the framework of their mandate must also be made public.

Kaili’s replacement was soon chosen

This Wednesday, MEPs will also elect a new vice-president or a new vice-president to replace Eva Kaili. Candidates for this role will be announced on Tuesday evening. ” We are not in an imaginary ivory tower “, insisted Roberta Metsola during her speech

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