Peru: declared a state of emergency in Lima, the confrontation between the president and the demonstrators continues


Five weeks later, the confrontation between President Dina Boluarte and the demonstrators continues. A new step was taken on Saturday, as the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in the capital Lima and in several other regions, such as the departments of Cusco and Puno (south), but also the port of Callao. This measure, in force for 30 days, authorizes the army to intervene to maintain order and involves the suspension of several constitutional rights such as freedom of movement and assembly and the inviolability of the home. At issue: violent demonstrations that have been raging in the country and that have left at least 42 dead over five weeks. The protests also injured at least 531 people, including 176 police officers, and 329 people were arrested, according to prosecutors.

On Saturday, more than a hundred outages blocked traffic throughout Peru. The authorities, however, reopened during the day the international airport of Cusco, of vital importance for the Peruvian tourism sector.

The protests erupted after the dismissal and arrest on December 7 of Socialist President Pedro Castillo. He is accused of having attempted a coup d’état with the intention of dissolving the Parliament that was about to remove him from power. He was succeeded by Dina Boluarte as vice president. But the protesters, who see in her a “traitor”they demand his departure as well as immediate elections.

“I will not give up”

On Friday, Dina Boluarte wanted to show her determination. In a message to the nation, broadcast by state television, he affirmed his desire to remain at the head of the country. “Some voices of supporters of violence and radicals are asking for my resignation, inciting the population to chaos, disorder and destruction. I say to them responsibly: I will not resign, my commitment is to Pero u »

“I cannot stop repeating my condolences for the death of Peruvians in the protest actions. I apologize for this situation.” said Dina Boluarte in her message to the nation. But she refused to call a constituent assembly, as demanded by the protesters. “We can’t do it overnight,” he pleaded

On the other hand, three members of his government resigned in two days. They are the Minister of Labor, Eduardo García, in disagreement with the management of the demonstrations by the government, the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Rojas, and the Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Grecia Rojas. His successors were sworn in on Friday.

“Excessive use of force”

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which completed an inspection mission to Peru on Friday, called for an impartial investigation into the crackdown on protests, saying there were signs of a “excessive use of force”. The Peruvian prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for “genocide” against Dina Boluarte and several other high officials.

“How many more deaths will keep Dina Boluarte in the presidency cost? All Peruvians, left or right, should ask themselves this question. No function can be above human life”the governor of Puno (south), Richard Hancco, told the press.

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