Israel: Netanyahu’s proposed interior minister appointment invalidated by Supreme Court


Resentment of Binyamin Netanyahu. After his victory in the legislative elections in November, the new Israeli prime minister had to compose his new government by making alliances. Thus, certain positions within key ministries have been given to various far-right movements. The Ministry of National Security was mostly offered to Itamar Ben Gvir of the Jewish Forces party, while other portfolios were awarded to leaders of ultra-Orthodox movements as well as the leader of the Religious Zionist party.

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Among them, Arie Dery, one of the founders of the Shas religious party, inherited the Ministry of Interior and Health. Israel’s Supreme Court, the country’s highest court, annulled his appointment on Wednesday because of a previous conviction for tax evasion. While the fundamental laws prohibited, a few months ago, any accused Israeli citizen from holding a ministerial position, the deputies of the Knesset, the local National Assembly, decided otherwise. In December they passed a law authorizing a person convicted of a crime, but not sentenced to prison, to obtain a ministerial portfolio.

In a statement, the Supreme Court, however, indicated that “ the appointment of deputy Arié Dery as Minister of the Interior and Health cannot be validated. The prime minister should fire him “. It should be noted that there is no Constitutional Court in Israel and that the judiciary is the only instrument that allows controlling certain government decisions.

A Supreme Court in danger?

But the political power of the Supreme Court could diminish greatly in the coming months. The new Minister of Justice recently announced his reform plans. In particular, he would like to introduce a clause contemptuous which would allow Parliament to overturn a decision of the Supreme Court.

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This change of gear would aim to increase the power of elected officials before the magistrates. But this measure could be dangerous to safeguard the rule of law.

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