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Why is the UN powerless in Haiti?


Haiti is collapsing and the world, which needs solutions, sees it collapsing. A new meeting of the UN Security Council must be considered on Tuesday in the Caribbean island, in the midst of a triple crisis, security, political and humanitarian. “But don’t wait too long, advises Frédéric Thomas, head of studies at Cetri (Tricontinental Centre). At best, it will bury the idea of ​​international armed intervention. » This project had germinated in the autumn in the mind of the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, before being defended in Washington. “Except the United States doesn’t want to be a part of it and has turned to Canada to take the lead”, continues the researcher. Joe Biden then faced the refusal of Justin Trudeau, who does not want to involve his soldiers in an operation where there are only blows to receive.

Meanwhile, the gangs that have put the country in check continue to impose their law. The effect of the recently adopted Canadian and American sanctions against figures, including former president Michel Martelly, accused of maintaining ties to criminal groups has already dissipated. Since the beginning of January, kidnappings and violence have started to increase again. This insecurity has led to the displacement of 150,000 Haitians as famine and cholera have returned to the island.

The UN office there is encouraging the organization of elections

Can this cycle of misfortune be broken yet? Port-au-Prince probably still needs virtuous and legitimate local authorities. Since January 9 and the end of the mandate of the last ten senators still in office, the country no longer has a single elected national representative. The much-disputed Ariel Henry rules alone, relying on an administration suspected at best of corruption, at worst of collusion with gangs.

Therefore, the UN office there encourages the organization of elections. A pious wish since the climate of violence makes this project impossible. “However, there is another solution, already known: the implementation of a break transition”, says Frédéric Thomas. Under pressure, Ariel Henry signed agreements in December with parties and civil society for a Transitional High Council made up of three independent personalities to accompany the government until new elections are held in February 2024. part of the opposition he sees it mostly as a way for the head of government to maintain control and save time.

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